Meet Our Garden Center Manager Carole Vanden Berghe 

Where were you born and where do you currently reside, and with whom?

I was born in Philadelphia and grew up in Bucks County on a small farm with my mother, grandparents, two aunts and six cousins. We all lived in a two bedroom, one bathroom farm house. It made for an interesting childhood and great memories. I currently live in Holland Township, NJ with my husband, Eric, and 24 year old daughter, Amelia.

what is your relationship/history/length of time with dvu & the market at delval?

I have been working at The Market for 3 1/2 years, but my history with DVU goes back 30 years. I graduated from DelVal in 1988 with a BS in Ornamental Horticulture. I met my husband there and we were married in 1991. Our daughter graduated from DelVal in 2018.

How Have You Helped the business Grow? 

I bring my excitement for new varieties of perennials. If I don’t recognize it on a plant availibility, I need to order it and get our customers excited about it. I have also organized our very successful “Pop Up Story Time” here at The Market.


Describe your relationship with DVU Students

I try to teach the students who work at The Market life skills, and feel that they see me as their “Work Mom”.

What are you working on currently?

I’m currently working on a new project with our store manager, Rob, making outdoor props for our special events. It’s a messy, yet creative project that we are both excited about!

What do you look forward to in the future?

I love the fast pace of the the Wine Concert season…starting up in May!

 What is your favorite planting season at the Market? 

Fall is my favorite…the color change and cool days.

 Favorite flower, plant or tree and why?

My favorite tree is metasequoia glyptosetroboides, Dawn Redwood. Fell in love with this tree as a college student when I was caretaker on an estate here in Doylestown. I currently have four in my yard.

 Favorite Food Offered at The Market

I love the vast variety of apples that we carry, but my current favorite is Sweet Cheeks.

Favorite Fruit/Season

My all time favorite fruit is raspberries.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Fun Fact: I have shaved my head four times. I’m a committee member for our local St. Baldrick’s Foundation. We host a head shaving event each year during September to raise awareness and much needed funds for Childhood Cancer Research. In six years, our event has raised over $300,000 and funded three promising grants for research. We are always looking for volunteers and donations. Click here to visit the St. Baldrick’s website for more info.