Rob Arcidiacono…The Market’s Manager


Originally hailing from Woodbury, NJ, Rob starting working at DelVal’s roadside stand on Rt. 202 as a freshman in college. After The Market was built on Lower State Road he worked there while pursuing a degree in Ornamental Horticulture at Delaware Valley University. Upon graduation, he was hired full time to manage the greenhouse at The Market. The Market eventually closed its doors, but reopened a year and a half later under the management of Shady Brook Farm Markets. Rob was hired by Shady Brook as The Market’s full time manager.

Under Rob’s management, the business has grown through his relationship with the customers and DelVal’s staff and faculty. Throughout his ten year career many loyal customers have watched Rob grow as a manager, and he has watched their families grow. This also extends to his unique and sometimes challenging relationship with DelVal students. Rob is dedicated to hiring, teaching and building great students and workers. “It’s wonderful to see the students graduate and go on to start their careers. I feel that Shady Brook and I are managing The Market to teach students as much as we can about the business we love…agriculture,” Rob explains.

Rob and the staff at The Market are always looking for the next new and exciting things for the store, the greenhouse, and special events. It’s a never-ending job to keep things fresh and interesting! Some of the things Rob continues to work on are selling more local products, and looking into getting more healthy, local meats produced for The Market.

This is a seasonal business and things are ever-changing. Each season has its positives and negatives but this keeps Rob motivated and excited about his job. He most enjoys spring in the Garden Center, and fall with all of its special events. Both are very busy times for the business but the energy and customers make things a lot of fun.

A fun fact about Rob is that he is a beekeeper, and has been for the past eight years. It’s a hobby that he loves talking about…when he has the time!

Rob struggled in school with dyslexia, but this disability has become an advantage as it allows him to look at things in a unique way. Also because of dealing with dyslexia, Rob tends to explain things in a simple way enabling him to convey complicated issues more understandably.

Rob currently lives in Hilltown, PA (not too far from Doylestown) with his wife, Aston, son and dog. He loves what he does and it shows in the passion and excitement he brings to his job. Next time you’re at The Market come on in and say, “Hi!”